Salmo Turbo Jack - HOT PIKE (7") - $19.99

A topwater prop bait with a hard-slapping tail blade that tears up the surface and pulls in big predators from great distances. Its slim body profile makes it easy to cast and retrieve. And it's crafted of super-tough high-density foam with a durable finish that stands up to big teeth. Equipped with two 4/0 treble hooks. Per each. Sizes/Colors: 5", 2-1/8 oz. (008)Green Tiger, (304)Hot Pike, (308)Starry Night, (309)Starry Night Orange. 7", 3-1/8 oz. (008)Green Tiger, (304)Hot Pike, (306)Luminescent Firetiger, (307)Carbon Killer. Type: Topwater Bait. Size 7". Color Hot Pike. - $19.99