Salmo Floating Hornet - Silver/Black - $6.99

These high-density Salmo Floating Hornet foam baits produce an action thats attractive to a multitude of species. Floating models dive quickly, and their aggressive action coaxes fish to bite. They can be cast or trolled in lakes, reservoirs, and streams. Per each. Sizes: H4F 1-3/4, 1/16 oz. Dives 5 ft. to 6.5 ft. H5F 2, 1/4 oz. Dives 5 ft to 9 ft. H6F 2-1/2, 3/8 oz. Dives 6.5 ft. to 10 ft. Colors: (003)Yellow Dace, (005)Dace, (006)Dace Blue, (007)Gold Metallic Orange, (008)Green Tiger, (009)Hot Perch, (011)Crawdad, (014)Dalmation, (016)Viking, (020)Real Sunfish, (021)Red Craw, (022)Red Tail Shiner, (030)Holo Gold/Fluorescent Perch, (031)Holo Silver/Red/Orange, (032)Holo Silver/Black/Red, (033)Holo Silver/Blue/Shad, (078)Clown Metallic Dace, (080)Black Tiger. Cabelas Exclusive Colors:(062)Chartreuse/Blue,(077)White Shad,(079)Silver Metallic Orange,(161)Hit Man, (163)Fire Fly,(165)Rug Burn,(166)Peacock,(167)Stud Muffin,(169)Sick Perch. Performance Guarantee Salmo-USA backs up their Performance Fishing Lures with more than just words theyre guaranteed! If for any reason your Salmo lure breaks, fails to run true, or falls apart (except if you Color: Silver/Black. Type: Crankbaits. - $6.99