Sage One Spey Switch Fly Rod - $700.00

Your wait for two-handed versions of Sages revolutionary ONE rods is over. Each of these models delivers tip-to-hand sensitivity and feedback, while retaining Sages renowned power and durability. The backbone of these cutting-edge rods comes via proprietary Konnetic technology. Combining aerospace-grade materials with innovative manufacturing methods and processes, this breakthrough increases side-to-side torsional stability, delivering fluid energy transfer in a straight line with your target during the cast for dead-on accuracy. Thanks to the shafts significantly enhanced torsional stability, the rod recovers quickly as it moves through the cast, optimizing load carry and line speed for long, smooth, flawless casts. The shafts decreased lateral movement and vibrations keep you more connected to your line during the cast, mends, swing and ultimately to the fish. The blanks carbon fibers are compacted for maximum density and precise alignment, simultaneously fusing the 50% lighter all-carbon inner core. Additional custom components include Super Plus bronze down-locking anodized reel seat, and custom cork fore grip and rear grip. Rods come with black powder-coated aluminum tube and cloth sleeve. Color: Sage. - $700.00