RWS Precision Air Gun Ammo - $14.88

RWS pellets are made to the strictest production tolerances for premium performance at the range or in the field. Imported. Field Point Conical field-point pellets offer consistent accuracy and deep penetration. Target They offer match-grade accuracy and precision. Hollow Point Expanding hollow-point design offers fast energy release and frontal deformation. Superdome Round head and rifled skirt offer excellent knock-down power and hunting performance. Super Mag Extra-heavy pellets ideal for high-powered air rifles. They offer extreme knock-down power. Hyper Max 30% faster than standard pellets for maximum accuracy and penetration. High-speed finish. Lead-free. Cleaning Pellets Heavy-duty felt cleaning pellets remove dirt, debris and lead build-up. Type: Pellets. Quantity: 250. Model: Hollow Point. Caliber/Gauge: .22 Caliber. Cal/Gaug .22 Hollowpoint. - $14.88