Rusty Shorty Rashguard with Headphones - Men's - $29.83

The Rusty Shorty rashguard with headphones gets you out on the water with your favorite tunes to keep you company. Includes water-resistant earbuds at the tips; earbud cord routes through rashguard to a clear waterproof media player case located in a zippered pocket. Clear plastic media player case is triple-sealed and features a rip-and-stick closure in combination with a roll-down top; sealed earphone jack connects to interior of case. Quick-drying polyester mesh feels soft on the skin and cool to the touch; rashguard helps protect skin from harsh conditions. Flatlock seams reduce chafing and increase comfort. The Rusty Shorty rashguard with headphones offers a relaxed fit and is machine washable; line dry garment, do not use bleach, do not iron. - $29.83