Ruffwear Omnijore Joring System (SMALL) - $159.99

Put your dogs unbridled energy to good use for some canine-powered fun. Use this complete system for any dog-pulling activity such as skijoring, mountainboardjoring, skatejoring, bikejoring or canicross. It includes dog harness, human hip belt and towline. The canine-specific harness is comfortably engineered for the dog-pulling motion and is available in three sizes and five points of adjustability for a customized fit. It has strategic padding, integrated top handle for lifting assistance, reflective trim for low-light visibility and light loop for attaching optional light. Replaceable perlon-cord tow-loop attachment point ensures longevity. Shock-absorbing towline minimizes bounce and has two handles for maximum control. Anodized-aluminum, RuffWear-designed Talon Clip ensures a quick, easy and secure attachment to the harness tow loop. Color-coded ends identify attachment location. Human hip belt ensures a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile connection to the towline. Tow bridle allows 180 of tow direction for use in multiple joring activities. Intuitive towline release for quick disconnect. Two zippered pockets with integrated key clip hold basic necessities. Integrated water-bottle holder fits standard-size bike bottles. Leg loops keep hip belt in place. Human hip belt fits waist sizes from 27 to 48. For dog-harness sizing, measure around the widest part of rib cage. Imported.Dog harness sizes: Small (21-30), Medium (26-36), Large (32-48). Girth (in.): 21-30. Type: Harnesses. Size Small. - $159.99