Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack - $79.95

Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack - The next time you want to head out for a day hike or overnight outdoor adventure and you want to bring along your dog, make sure to outfit them with a Ruff Wear Approach Pack. This lightweight and comfortable fitting pack will help you store some necessities as well as some of the gear you want to bring for your dog but want them to carry their own weight. A Comfort-Fit Web Master Harness Frame offers stability and load dispersion so they aren't trying to compensate for more weight on one side. The weight-forward saddlebags are light and streamlined which is ideal for load carrying. A Five-Point Adjustable Fit ensures that the dog you want to bring will have a customized and secure fit. The Ruff Wear Approach Dog Pack is a great recreational pack that is both stable, secure and comfy. Features: Weight-Forward Saddlebags. Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 257730 - $79.95