RPM Fathom Featherweight 28 Bowfishing Arrow - Gray - $19.99

RPMs hollow, fiberglass 28 Featherweight bow fishing arrow is paired with the lethal Fathom point for superior penetration and fish-grabbing power. At a 600-grain weight, the Featherweight is all about light weight, speed and precision. The Fathom point features two 1-3/8 stainless steel barbs with a 17 bend that helps them hold on tight without decreasing fish-permeating capabilities. Its hardened, bullet-tip point resists deformation and increases penetration. Its conical tip has a Rockwell hardness of 62 to eliminate planing on flat-surface contact and increase accuracy. The single friction-ring design quickly loosens so you can fold the barbs down to easily remove the arrow from your catch. All Point System universal ferrule can accept different RPM points. High-visibility 5/16 skinny nock. Color: Gray. Type: Bowfishing Arrows. - $19.99