RPM Bowfishing Point Pack - Gray - $29.99

Enjoy instant versatility with this bowfishing point combo pack that fits any RPM shaft. Quickly change your bowfishing arrow setup to accommodate any bowfishing situation by switching out the point bodies. Includes two All Point System (APS) universal ferrules and two hardened, stainless steel conical RPM bullet tips that resist deformation, increase penetration and have a Rockwell hardness of 62 to eliminate planing on flat-surface contact. Each of the different point bodies feature twin barbs and 100% stainless steel construction. Barbs on the Octane, Fathom and Deep Stage are all 1-3/8 long. NOS, Octane and Deep Stage all feature a dual friction-ring design; Fathom has a single friction-ring design. Points include one each of the following: NOS One of the worst and last things a fish will see. Twin serrated gripper barbs with a body thats 1/4 shorter for stoutness. Octane Barbs remain stationary. Simply push, unscrew the body, and youre back in action. Fathom Barbs have a 17 bend that helps them hold on tight without decreasing fish-permeating capabilities. Quickly loosens so you can fold the barbs down to easily remove the arrow from your catch. Deep Stage 2 (DS2) Barbs are smaller in diameter (.07) and partially collapse upon impact, but immediately expand as arrow velocity decreases. This translates to incredible fish-punching, hanging-on power. Color: Gray. Type: Bowfishing Arrow Tips. - $29.99