Rossignol Zymax Skating NIS Ski - $167.97

Leaning more towards the sport classification, the Rossignol Zymax Skating NIS Ski provides an ideal equilibrium of weight, rigidity, and stability that pairs well for those who are focused on improving their form, and even for some light racing. If this sounds like your skill set, Rossignol's LDC Premium core will provide you with the forgiving level of flexibility that you need. And while this adds some weight to the plate, you still land within a couple hundred grams of the venerable X-ium WC 1. You'll also receive the same K7000 base tuning, Double Groove stability, and Active Cap construction that's found on Rossignol's top skate offerings. So, you don't have to sacrifice speed and precision for the sake of comfort. - $167.97