Rossignol Zenith Sensor3 90 Ski Boots - $199.93

Rossignol Zenith Sensor3 90 Ski Boots - The Rossignol Zenith Sensor3 90 Ski Boots are both powerful and comfortable. Using Sensor3 Technology, you'll have three key receptor points in direct contact with the polycarbonate insert. What this means is that this direct contact can help produce incredible power as well as extraordinary control and feel making it so you can truly drive your skis. The Sensor Fit Liner addresses the common problem fit areas such as the eliminating pressure points from across the top of the toes by having an instep pocket. The buckles are designed with a diagonal angle in order to pull the foot backwards into the heel pocket. By doing this, not only is entry and exit easier, but there is a better overall shell wrap and fit. Even the bottom of the boots offer excellent traction through grippy rubber allowing you to walk easily around the lodge when it's time for a hot chocolate. If you're an advanced skier who enjoys really cutting loose in the black diamonds, the comfort, fit and technology of the Rossignol Sensor 3 90 Ski Boots is unmatchable. . Actual Flex: 90, Cuff Alignment: Single, Warranty: One Year, Gender: Mens, Special Features: Sensor Fit Liner, Ski Boot Width: Medium (100-103mm), Special Features: Sensor Shell, Flex: Medium, Used: No, Ski/Walk: No, Prewired For Heat: No, Number of Micro Buckles: 4, Freestyle: No, Forefoot Width: 100mm, Flex Adjustment: No, Buckle Count: 4, Buckle Material: Aluminum, Category: Downhill, Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain, Instep Height: Medium, C - $199.93