Rossignol Zenith Sensor3 110 Ski Boots - $399.95

Rossignol Zenith Sensor3 110 Ski Boots - The Zenith Sensor3 110 has all of the features necessary to help you take your skiing to the next level. The Zenith Sensor3 110 is great for advanced and expert skiers looking to push the boundaries. The Pro Fit Liner matches the internal shell perfectly, making the Sensor3 one of the best fits straight out of the box. Featuring an unusually articulate heel area the Zenith Sensor3 is not only comfortable but provides excellent energy transfer from the foot to the boot. A one piece toe box and tongue ensures a seamless toe box which eliminates pressure points around the toes for additional warmth and comfort. This design also allows for a soft instep pocket over the top of the foot to provide comfort and increase circulation to your toes. Rossignol uses their Sensor3 Concept in the Zenith 110, by positioning the foot's 3 balance points closer to the shell the skier gains unprecedented feel and power. Notches in the lower shell allow for ultra easy entry and exit with out compromising four-buckle boot performance. The neutral stance of the Zenith Sensor3 110 gives skiers a stable and efficient stance to drive the ski through each turn. The diagonal placement of the buckles helps pull your heel all the way back into the heel pocket for a great, snug fit. The removable boot board can also be modified to enhance the fit of Zenith Sensor3 110. Features: Neutral Stance Gives Skiers a Stable Platform and Efficient Stance to Drive Skis, Diagonal Buckles Pull Heel Back into Heel Pocket - $399.95