Rossignol X7 Skate Cross Country Ski Boots Black/Silver - $124.95

Help step up your cross country skiing performance with the Rossignol X7 Skate Ski Boots. Like all sports, you want to show up with the right equipment, and sure will impress your friends with these. The heel has extreme 3D plastic reinforcement Bi-injection and the upper cuff with the 3D Bi-Injection. You wont go home with tired feet because the weight per boot is 630g. The lining is polyester with thermo adjustable fit with a velcro strap to close. You wont be waisting anytime getting ready.Key Features of the Rossignol X7 Skate Ski Boots: Heel: Extreme 3D plastic reinforcement Bi-injection Upper Cuff: 3D Bi-Injection Lower: PVC Lace Cover: PVC Weight per boot: 630g Lining: Polyester Thermo Adjustable Fit Lacings: Speed Lace Lock Closings: New Velcro Strap - $124.95