Rossignol X10 Skate Boot - $160.27

The idiom of 'biting off more than you can chew' is especially applicable within the realm of skate boots. Too much rigidity, and a sore, blistery day awaits you. Too malleable, and you can kiss your power transfer goodbye. Accordingly, Rossignol adopted a balanced approach for the construction of the X10 Skate Boot. It follows a similar design ideology as Rossignol's X-ium series, only it opts for more cost-effective materials instead of the X-ium's multiple carbon offerings. This is where its sport designation originates from. However, you'll find that for all of the differences at the heel counter, sole, and upper cuff, the X10 only weighs around 130 grams more per boot than the X-ium World Cup Skate. In fact, both boots feature Rossignol's asymmetric zip, double-lacing system, and Micrometric clic retention system. The X10 will provide a conforming fit with an agreeable stiffness-to-weight ratio for those of us who don't skate ski for a living. - $160.27