Rossignol X Tour Escape AR NIS Cross Country Skis - $123.95

The X-Tour Escape NIS AR is an on-trail touring ski with a more traditional cross country feel. X-Tour skis come in longer lengths than the Evo touring series and provide more glide in front and behind the mounting zone. The waxless AR Plus base offers the perfect balance between glide and drive in all conditions. Built with a Wood Air Core, skiers are provided a lightweight but sturdy, durable platform. The NIS (Nordic Integrated System) plate offers easy assembly and allows the skier to personalize the on-snow behavior. The X-Tour Escape NIS AR gives outdoor enthusiasts a stable but more traditional touring platform ideal for exploring the winter landscape.Key Features of the Rossignol X Tour Escape AR NIS XC Skis: Weigh:t 720 Sidecu:t 51/ 47/ 49 Construction: Activ'cap, Tail protector Core: LDC Base tuning: Double cut Plate: NIS 7 - $123.95