Rossignol S1 Pro Jr Skis - $156.35

The Rossignol S1 Pro Jr Skis are perfect for youth who are at the beginner to intermediary level. The core is fabricated with injected microcell, making the skis light, strong, and highly shock absorbant. Highly durable, the skis also make for smooth turn releases - perfect for children and beginners. Durability and performance are the key features of these skis, and they can be found in a variety of sizes. Order today to be having fun as soon as possible.Key Features of The Rossignol S1 Pro Jr Skis: Flat Interface True Twin Tip Tail Full Cap Construction Rossitop Topsheet Cap Sidewalls Fiberglass Laminates / Metal Insert Injected Microcell R 4400 Carbon Base - $156.35