Rossignol F4 NIS Skate Bindings - $34.93

The Rossignol F4 NIS skate bindings install quickly and easily to your NIS-system skis (sold separately) so you can get on the snow and skate the day away. F4 NIS skate bindings are designed to be durable and reliable to meet the needs of recreational skiers. Wide platforms toward the front enhance stability where the kick is initiated while skating. Bindings are easy to install on premounted plates (included with NIS-system skis); binding position adjusts depending on your needs and skiing conditions. Manual levers securely lock your boots into the bindings. Other than the included NIS key, no additional tools are needed for mounting adjustments. Bindings fit boots with NNN racing/touring soles; bindings do not accommodate NNN BC soles. Please note: NIS bindings are only compatible with NIS skis. - $34.93