Rossignol Delta Skating NIS Ski - $223.97

The Delta Skating NIS Ski is possibly the most versatile option in the Rossignol cross-country arsenal. It's built with a slightly larger sweet spot than Rossignol's hardcore race ski, the X-ium. This means you'll get a more forgiving experience if you're still trying to refine your skating technique (and who isn't') But its added glide quality and stability doesn't come at the expense of performance. The Delta Skating comes with the same K7000 base tuning you'll find on the World Cup-ready X-ium. If you've spent time studying the Rossignol skate ski lineup, you've probably noticed the slightly more costly Delta Course Skating NIS. How does the Delta compare' The primary differences are that the Delta Course uses Rossignol's Honeycomb Light core and a one-layer carbon laminate. By comparison, the Delta uses a standard Honeycomb core and a fiberglass laminate. As a result, the Delta is marginally heavier (by 30g) but has the benefit of a softer flex, making it an ideal choice for skiers still focused on fine-tuning their skating motion. - $223.97