Rossignol Cobra V1 Snowboard Bindings - $92.95

That fine line between what your skills demand and what you can afford just vanished. The new Rossignol Cobra V1 Snowboard Binding's HCX-18 Baseplate is the ultimate combination of responsiveness and shock absorption. The Magnebed 2.5 Footbed softens even the flattest landings and with 2.5 degree of canting adds pop to both cambered and rockered snowboards. Tallboy Straps give you the perfect blend of support and mobility and the new Asymwrap Highback wraps to the outside of your boot for oh-so-stable butterability. HCX-18 Baseplate 3D Asymwrap Highback Tallboy Straps Magnebed 2.5 Footbed Asymlight Buckle Levers - $92.95