Rossignol Avenger 76 TI TPI2 Skis w/ Axium 120 Bindings - $469.95

The Avenger 76 Ti offers mind blowing performance. This ultra modern 90/10 frontside/backside ski is for expert and aspiring expert skiers who enjoy a quick edge to edge ski, stable and powerful. Loaded with horsepower, the ski is made with a new fiber layer of Basalt with Titanium stringers : endowed with both a rock solid strength and an even higher elastic movement than carbon fiber, the Basalt fiber becomes the ultimate material for removing vibration and improving snow contact. This wide waisted carving ski is made with a sandwich construction and vertical sidewalls. Add the new IPS concave profile and all-mountain tip, and this Avenger 76 Ti will shine on firm snow and gobble up the roughest terrain. 80% Frontside / 20% Backside IB: Axium 120Key Features of the Rossignol Avenger 76 TI TPI2 Skis w/ Axium 120 Bindings: Structure IPS CONCAVE Core FIBERGLASS WOOD Reinforcement ARAMID BASALT Rocker height HIGH Rocker length 1 Tip ALL MOUNTAIN TIP Profile sidecut OVERSIZE System TPI2 Tip protector INOX 2 PIECES Dimensions: 127/76/108 @ 170cm Radius: 15m @ 170cm - $469.95