Rossignol Avenger 76 Basalt Tpi2 Skis w/ Axium 120S Bindings - $433.95

Avenger delivers the most versatile, high-performance on-trail ski that Rossignol has to offer. With medium waist widths, deep sidecuts, Power Turn on-trail camber and constructions that come directly from our race skis, the Avenger Series became the PSIA's favorite technical on-trail ski in 10-11. Delivering superior edge grip, precise hard snow carved turns, broad turn shapes and incredible ease-of-use, Avenger won more accolades among magazine ski testers than any other on-trail ski this year. Avenger is a favorite among the skiers and ski shops who prefer performance skiing on hard snow and groomed runs.* Power Turn Camber: 100% classic high camber underfoot * Oversize Sidecut: Aggressive oversized tip and tail dimensions give strong edging, power and precision * Sandwich Laminate Construction: Wood cores, vertical sidewalls, Basalt fibers, metal, and high-tech laminates * Integrated Complex Technology: Titanium or aramid stringers are woven into Basalt fibers dramatically enhancing the skis performance * All-Mountain Tip: Tip extends ski's sidecut beyond snow contact point * Structure: Sandwich * Core: Wood * Laminates: Aramid Basalt * Sidecut: 127/ 76/ 108 * Radius: 15M @ 170 * Size: 154, 162, 170, 176 * System: Tpi/ Axium 120 - $433.95