Ronix Totem Detachable Wakeboard Handle Scuderia Red - $89.95

Created by Danny Harf - a unique anti-roll creation allows riders to interchange different diameter and shaped grips, while using one yoke. By loosening both ends, the handle grip can easily detach to switch out to one of our other 4 after market grips.Key Features of the Ronix Totem Detachable Wakeboard Handle: Nylon Detachable anti-roll system Comes with a new allen wrench tool to remove and connect optional grips New Fused Suction grip 4mm thick molded handle grip Three layers: EVA / 1 sheet Lycra / 1 sheet mesh T6 lightweight aircraft aluminum dowel Filled inside with EVA for floatation Strung with 12-strand Japan/Holland Dyneema mix rope (stronger and smaller diameter) Ridden by Chad Sharpe - $89.95