Ronix Parks Modello Wakeboard - $280.95

Parks Collection is Parks Bonifay: Riding Style- Wide profile, forgiving rail design and Parks' fastest most consistent 3-Stage rocker to date. Forever, more rocker meant more pop. For the past 3 shapes, we have designed Parks' boards with the one common theme - less rocker, more speed. With the additional glide, a rider gains more forward momentum off the wake and rides with less resistance against the water for less strain on a body. The most forgiving high end board we make is available in both our Modello and ATR constructions. A new line of freestyle boots with the most amount of lateral movement in a heat formed construction without sacrificing heel hold down for riders that like to poke their tricks like it's '99. The lightest custom orthotic footwear in the industry with our new hot press construction, needling less glue and stitching. The latest in rockerlines focusing one thing - glide speed. By lowering the rocker, we created more contact with the water reducing the amount of drag. A less is more rockerline, and a super sized sweet spot with our most amount of surface area in a high end board. This all new Parks collection is the easiest to riding signature board out there. Historically, Parks designed boards where the lift came from the attack angle the board generated, but some riders felt they had too much resistance with the water even though it had a lot of effective edge. This new series has the least amount of drag of any of our men's boards with his widest profile to date for a bigger sweet spot. The result is a board that you can ride longer. Leave the wake with less work from the added top water speed. Now you can naturally travel off the peak of the kicker with more forward momentum. Similar glide speed to the new One board, just has a tighter overall feel transitioning, edging and more bite leaving the wake. The fastest, most stable, easy to ride board our sport's gnarliest rider has ever endorsed. Still one of the strongest edging boards in our line with the unique variable rail and deeper channels outside the fins.* Center variable edge * Tip/Tail variable edge * Thinner profile reduces swing weight * A clean bottom design * Wide profile * Glide Speed * Monocoque * 4 Detachable 1.0" ramp fins * Mod Pour * Krypto Cable - $280.95