Ronix One Wakeboard Boots Ceramic/Mike Lime - Men's - $351.95

If we could make only one - this would be it. Past winner of the WSIA innovation of the year - the original heat formed custom orthotic boot that put Ronix on the map - redefining high end signature footwear. Often imitated - never duplicated, Danny Harf's medium density heat formed and custom fit Intuition lined boot continues to be upgraded every year. Just stiff enough to have board response for a session of quick reacting soul turns and the mobility for him to tweak out his historical 1260. The boot he is filmed jumping into pools with and over triple ups in his new documentary - " Defy"Key Features of the Ronix One Wakeboard Boots: A medium density liner blending mobility and precision board control Made from wakeboard specific lasts - not a guess Intuition Liners - Heat Formed Custom Fit - a few minutes on our cooker and this patented material will form to the exact shape your foot for a lifetime Rad Foam - Really awesome dampening in your footpad for the big impact landings Double Last - Creates an exact fit from your foot to the shell of the boot for the best in comfort and response Feetbelts - Please fasten your feetbelts and enjoy the ride - offers the ultimate heel hold Double Stuff Footbed - Allows your foot to naturally cant inward without dictating a specific cant angle Removable J-bars customize your heel pocket Silicon ink in heel area for greater hold down Baseless Hardware - The original low profile design delivers superior board control on an ultra-lightweight foundation - often imitated never duplicated Tool Less Mounting Hardware - So simple a Neanderthal can use it, no screwdriver required Low friction eyelets Eco Innovation - We eliminated the use of PVC solvents, which are potentially hazardous to the surroundings and human health Ridden by Danny Harf Wakeboard CompatabilityThis binding is fully compatible with all boards with a 6" Insert spread found here. All stance options with except the widest and narrowest on a board with a 7" insert spread found here. Not compatible with boards with a 8" insert spread. Compatible with the narrowest insert options available on boards with the Strata Mounting system found here. - $351.95