Ronix One Skimmer Wakesurfer Black/Gp Yellow 4ft 4in - $349.95

D. Harf took his years of traveling the world's beaches and created a new thin profile freestyle influenced, skimboard style shred stick to compliment the Koal. Coming in at nearly 1/2 the thickness of the Koal, this lighter/dished out new surf constructed deck has more of a lively feel on the water, and makes it easier to bring your favorite skate tricks behind the swim deck. A new ride that's easy to surf switch with our new recessed fin box on the tip and tail. Perfect your ollie with this new water device.Key Features of the Ronix One Skimmer Wakesurfer: Machined EVA top deck with built in wedge Semi twin shape - easy to ride switch 1 - .9" bottom mount tip fin 1 - 2.9" bottom mount tail fin Surf constructed - lighter, faster, more buoyant, and yes more fragile (handle with care) Created by Danny Harf - $349.95