Ronix Ibex ATR Edition Wakeboard Smoke Magma 134 - Men's - $342.95

In 2010, Mr. Bonifay finished his run of traveling the globe filming new sections for his X Dance winning documentary "The Parks Movie". A title that covers the journey of a rider that has been on the water since he was 6 months old. Thru his 27 years of being on the water, he continues to understand what works for his riding and what he needs in his board. This past season, Parks created a revolutionary wider/explosive profile complimenting a toned down 3-stage rocker - dispelling the rumor that his products are too aggressive or inconsistent. He reduced his rocker line, for a smoother glide off the wake, and instead of a radical rocker line design creating the lift, this is generated by the board's added surface. The Ibex is 1" wider in the tip/tail than his previous designs, with a faster, cleaner take off, and more stability on and off the water with added glide requiring less effort to get speed. All the while, our engineers experimented with a more forgiving center variable rail, without loosing feel on the water. Still one of the strongest edging boards in our line up with increased effective edge into the wake from the longer channels, and wider cupped rails.Key Features of the Ronix Ibex ATR Edition Wakeboard: Center variable edge - a sharper rail and a softer bevel create a controlled accelerated edge transfer with a forgiving bottom design Tip/Tail variable edge - a more vertical rail allows the end of the board to ride higher on the water and prevents the board from burying the edge on big cuts with a sharper bevel for quicker response into a turn Thin profile reduces swing weight A clean bottom design - the board lands with more natural forward momentum allowing us to use cleaner bottoms Wide profile - with this much surface area we balance it out with more sidecut for the right amount of effective edge in the water Carbon R3 Technology - ride the board the way it was intended to be ridden with the carbon maintaining the original rocker line - reacts 7 times quicker than fiberglass Krypto Cable - makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board - not the weakest, along with a torsionally stiffer board Mod Pour - this demanding alternative core is made from our exclusive blend of carbon and atoms with a higher strength to weight ratio Artwork - screened UV clear top/neon magma, clear structured, pearl inks/matte emblem with rubberized Parks DNA inset 4 detachable 1.0" ramp and 4 .8" slider fiberglass fins Parks Bonifay approval - with the largest sweet spot of any signature board he's ever ridden Sintered Base - the fastest/most durable we have ever tested Length (cm): 134, 139, 144 Tip Width (cm): n/a Mid Width (cm): 43.18 (134), 43.94 (139), 44.7 (144) Rocker (cm): 6.6 (134), 6.85 (139), 7.11 (144) - $342.95