Ronix Faith Hope Love Wakeboard Black/Stephanie Blue 136 - $227.95

For 2010, Emily overhauled her collection with her second female specific signature deck. The Faith Hope Love has a slightly lowered hybrid rocker line blending speed, and a consistent smooth pop off the liquid transition, with a bigger sweet spot A new wider/mellower profile with more effective edge in the water means that instead of the angle generating the speed into the wake, the speed and lift come from increased glide on the water and overall stability. Riding higher on the water means less work edging into a trick and more forward momentum on landings. The latest creation from the first lady of Ronix now comes with our Smooth Flex construction. New for this year, we went to a softer layup and our girls team noticed more board control, softer landings and just a smoother overall ride.Key Features of the Ronix Faith Hope Love Wakeboard: Full rail in the center of the board makes it more forgiving Then blending to a harder rail design towards the tip/tail for increased glide speed and more stability while setting an edge Thinnest profiled board in our line reduces swing weight and makes landings feel softer softer New Smooth Flex layup Krypto Cable - makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board - not the weakest, along with a torsionally stiffer board Mod Pour - this demanding alternative core is new for this year made from our exclusive blend of carbon and atoms 4 .6" deep molded in outer fins for those looking for a looser/faster feel Artwork - UV clear top/Stephanie blue & pearl ink/snakeskin inlayed aluminum emblem/silver foil Wakeboard Binding CompatabilityCan accomodate bindings with a 6 inch binding plate found here. Can only accommodate a single mounting position option for Liquid Force bindings with a 8 inch binding plate and offers two positions for all other vendors found here. - $227.95