Ronix El Von Videl Schnook 141.1 w/ District Boots - $389.95

A thousand garden gnomes cannot be wrong. Willkommen para el futuro van de kabel planken. Translation: Welcome to the future of cable boards (we think). From the different countries we worked with while designing this brand spankin' new electronic hot lap cable special. Enough meaningless chirps - let's get this cable party started. Nu Core - Everybody has a wood board with their little catch phrases. But wood is really only good if it has a fulcrum. So you want to have more control, feel, and yes "flex" on a cable board - but only if it has a pivot point. A cable rider has to leverage into an ollie, or press onto a rail but just as important (which gets overlooked) is it has to snap back too. So we sourced this fancy new Paulownia environmentally conscious short harvest time energetic new resourceful tree shaped up into bits and pieces of rockers and rails. But what really makes it is our diamond glass - having a thin tip / tail shape and a really light glass in the tip and tail exaggerates everything you need on a cable. More bend, anchorage, etc. - but then it using more glass than a traditional layup through the center of the board in a diamond configuration is what's key. Now as rider locks onto a rail the energy but is than able to leverage off signature magic carpet lay up. Cable Specific Shape - We worked with riders in every major market to really figure out what their needs were. Cable riders usually ride 4 mph slower, so you need to make up for that in added buoyancy. The new EVVS runs longer - so if you usually ride a 142 "boat" board - demo the 146.3 in this shape. A fast, flatter rocker means more contact with rails for added control, and along with the steeper sidewalls allows the board to ride higher with more glide speed. Plus longer boards are funner to press out. Boat boards are designed to set an edge, and constantly build an arc as you progress into the wake. Cable riders who do air tricks you want to set and maintain an arc without adding onto the angle. This way you have a predictable take off around the bend, landing with more forward momentum. An open toe creation combining the 3-D molded tongue support and performance of the Viva boot liner, with a shell construction similar to our acclaimed comfort fit Divide boot. Made with a hybrid Stage 1 / Stage 2 liner, which has a superior molecular makeup to keep the boot's intended shape over time. The revolutionary Ronix fit at a more affordable value blending town and country. Universal sizing allowing riders to share their favorite district of the world.Key Features of the Ronix El Von Videl Schnook 141.1 with District Boots: Concave Bottom Tips Grip and Release Technology Grip and Release Part 2 Thinnest Profile Finless Nocturnal Run ABS-less Key Features of the Ronix District Boots: 3-D Molded tongue Built in J-bars Double laces Articulating cuff Low friction eyelets Double X lacing Designed with the everyday rider in mind - $389.95