Ronix District Park Wakeboard 138 w/ District Boots - $357.95

Most boards are set for a predetermined riding style that a rider has to adapt to. The District is the first of its kind where a rider knows exactly how the board is going to react - you do not have to get used to the board, this series will conform to your riding. The industry's premier wakeboard coach - Mike Ferraro's latest delivery is being referred to as the best board he has created in his 2 decades of design. This District board has a 3-Stage lift in the center, with a continuous outer rail that pushes the board into the rider. You feel the speed of the continuous rocker and the vertical lift of the 3-Stage. If a rider comes in with a lot of angle, the outer continuous profile handles this extra speed. If you flatten the board out, the 3-Stage rocker kicks in. This is a series you do not have to really stand on to create a progressive cut from the sharp / hard edge on the tip / tail of the board, outside of the stance. A legendary all purpose shape from smooth / low maintenance turns, to wide open high speed cuts behind the boat, to versatility on the cable for air tricks and our super wide 27.5" stance option for added board control on sliders.An open toe creation combining the 3-D molded tongue support and performance of the Viva boot liner, with a shell construction similar to our acclaimed comfort fit Divide boot. Made with a hybrid Stage 1 / Stage 2 liner, which has a superior molecular makeup to keep the boot's intended shape over time. The revolutionary Ronix fit at a more affordable value blending town and country. Universal sizing allowing riders to share their favorite district of the world.Key Features of the Ronix District Park Wakeboard: Sharper center rail 2 Traction channels in the middle 4 Traction channels in the tip / tail 4 Flutes in the tip / tail Variable Bevel Versatile rocker line Cable speed design 4 fiberglass 1.0" fins Created for the everyday boat and cable riderKey Features of the Ronix District Boots: 3-D Molded tongue Built in J-bars Double laces Articulating cuff Low friction eyelets Double X lacing Designed with the everyday rider in mind - $357.95