Ronix Covert CGA Wakeboard Vest Black/Gold - $87.95

The original Coast Guard approved jacket at our most affordable value. Built in flex segments and oversized armholes offer extra mobility and water resistant neo skin panels. This vest fits snug to a rider''s chest with an anatomical cut, 2 buckles and one zipper closure. Might not have the selling features of its other Coast Gurad Approved cohort, but not lacking on that priceless hidden je ne sais quoi factor. Not sure what that means Now you can impress people with your fun filled French fact, that you know that the term is something intangible that you can''t put your finger on and float at the same time.Key Features of the Ronix Covert CGA Wakeboard: Coast Guard approval - safety doesn''t take a vacation New water resistant liner - gone are the days of making that weird face with a wet jacket Room left in the checking account 2 buckles, 1 zip closure Coast Guard Approved Smooth Skin/Neoprene Shell - $87.95