Ronix Cortez Wakesurfer Molokai Sunset/Black 5Ft 4In - $349.99

Wakeboard durability with lightweight foam and glass buoyancy from the originators of the first compression molded wake surfboard. A line of surfers designed for riders that don't know what the word fragile means and naturally put more abuse on their ride. A versatile subtle swallowtail design for toes on the nose stability, frontside airs off the lip performance and big cutbacks on the wake. The 4'8" is perfect for riders looking at a proven deck on small-to-large size freshwater barrels. The bigger 5'4" is for riders of any size looking for an inland surf experience - even on smaller boat wakes. The fish shape tri-fin series delivers on the rail maneuverability with a speedy rocker line to keep a surfer tight on the line.Key Features of the Ronix Cortez Wakesurfer: EVA top deck with built in tail wedge for more power into a turn Variable rail design - sharper bevel/rail in the tail for a quicker edge transfer and a mellower more stable bevel/rail blending to the front of the board for a floatier, more forgiving feel Krypto Cable - makes the sidewall the strongest part of the board - not the weakest, along with a torsionally stiffer board Monocoque - a wrapped glass from the top to the bottom so the flash line is no longer the weak point of the board - but is now the strongest Mod Pour Foam - this demanding alternative core is made from our exclusive blend of atoms 2 surf specific designed drop thru 1.75" fi ns 1 surf specific designed drop thru 3.5" fi n Oh yeah, designed by Herb - $349.99