Rome Targa Snowboard Bindings - $216.95

Stale does whatever he wants on a snowboard—big jumps; park creativity; powder lines; rail technicality. And the Targa is his choice for power and precision. For going big and doing everything super clean, he needs a binding that offers powerful, seamless response to convey his unique ideas into his board. The Targa has always been his binding of choice.* V-Rod Baseplate: “correct flex” through toe-to-heel power and side-to-side tweak * AntiShock Highback: shock-absorbing technology that locks out for full power * ContourLight Ankle Strap: a high level of control that’s superlight and super comfortable * ConformGrip Toe Strap: a low-pressure, super secure fit to any boot * UnderWrap.3 Heel Hoop * Yes, I Cant binding foot bed * Full Highback Rotation with Channel Adjust * AutoStrap Technology * New EVA SubBase V-Pad (D30 on the Stale pro model) * Multiple Strap Positions * QuickAdjust for Strap Length * Infinite Range Forward Lean Adjuster * Flex Rating: 6 to 10 - $216.95