Rome Mob Boss Snowboard Bindings Lnp - $153.95

Mob rules-the park, street and mountainKey Features of the Rome Mob Boss Snowboard Bindings: Lightweight frame with flex-friendly profile Moves with the board in presses and on rails Slays the street and is often spotted everyday in the park Customization from the highbacks to the straps Cant in the back: customization for control and comfort by adjusting the highback angle to match the natural curvature of your stance Mob ankle strap: light, simple, and built for a tweaky style Open hole allows it to flex and conform to your boot with minimal pressure points. Openform toe strap: grabs the bottom and top of the boot for maximum hold with minimal pressure, open coverage and light weight V-rod unibody Subbase v-pad Mob highback Rome customization foundation Rome quicktech foundation - $153.95