Rodmounts RodLoft PRO Rod Holder - $144.99

With the five included and interchangeable mounting options, you can attach these neoprene foam-core rod holders just about anywhere in any vehicle. The holders lock in three rods and have security straps for extra protection. Removable foam inserts accommodate all rod sizes from lightweight fly tackle to heavy-duty surf equipment. Mounting options include two sets of each: brackets for the inside of your truck-cap window, brackets for mounting between the head liner and molding, suction cups (one set only), support bars with universal ball joints, hangers for grab bars or garment hooks, and support bars with universal ball joints for mounting options. Holds 6 rods. Includes: 1 set of Suction Couplers 1 set of Grab Bar/Garment Hangers 2 sets of Molding Brackets 2 sets of Topper Brackets 2 sets of Oversize Garment Hangers 2 Telescopic Support Bars 2 Rod Holders (holds 3 rods each) - $144.99