Rocky Mountain Radar/Laser Detectors and Scramblers - Blue - $189.99

The C435 radar/laser detector detects and scrambles all radar bands (X, K, Ka, SuperWide, Instant-On and Pulse) in addition to detecting and scrambling all radar guns (LTI 20-20, Pro-Laser, Laser-Lyte, Stalker). It offers 360 of radar and laser detection. Also receives Safety Alert and Safety Warning System signals. Micro-Scan provides maximum detection against Instant-On, POP radar. Smart-Scan reduces false alarms. VG-2/VG-3 undetectable. Selectable VG-2 detection. The C495 has all these features, plus a 50% increase in laser scrambling power, a volume increase, blue backlit LCD display for easy reading and a new menu display for trouble-free setup. It also has bilingual voice alerts. 4.5L x 3W x 1.4D. Available: C495, C435. Color: Blue. Type: Radar/Laser Detector Scramblers. - $189.99