RockShox Revelation RL Maxle Lite 29 Fork - $325.00

In the trail/all-mountain world, coil-fork diehards remain, proclaiming the small-bump sensitivity and smooth, endless feel that a preloaded metal spring provides. They're not wrong by any means, but the RockShox Revelation RL Maxle Lite 29 Fork shows that an air-sprung fork can offer a great amount of coil-like plushness and smoothness, while reducing weight and adding adjustability. The 140mm-travel Revelation RL's Dual Air system can claim a large chunk of credit for the fork's performance. The positive and negative air chambers on the left side of the fork are separated, allowing for different air pressure settings. Those two chambers oppose one another: when the positive air chamber compresses (as when you roll over an obstacle), the negative air chamber resists. Filling the negative air chamber to a different pressure than the positive air chamber changes the ride. Lower pressure means you'll have a supple, plush feel that approaches coil-like sensitivity. Higher pressure will give you a more efficient ride. There is a limitRockShox disclaims that you shouldn't run greater than a 15psi difference between the positive and negative chambers. Every suspension fork needs a good hydraulic damping system--without one, it would have a pogo-ish feel to it, and you can imagine how difficult that would make navigating technical sections. The Revelation RL's Motion Control damping system has been around for a while now, for good reason -- it's a simple, reliable system that allows you to control the way your fork reacts to bumps and the compressive forces you exert upon it. You can use the knob on the right upper to dial in the firmness of the fork, from buttery plush for techy singletrack, to locked-out for fire roads. Rebound speed is also externally adjustable via a knob on the right lower leg. - $325.00