Roboworm Straight Tail - Chartreuse - $4.59

The industrys largest custom-poured worm manufacturer has taken its classic Straight Worm design and added an exclusive Salt Release System. Bass devour salty worms and wont let go of them. Which is why Roboworm has developed the ultimate salt impregnation system. Most worms hold the salt on the outside which dissolves fast. Roboworm actually embeds the salt in the head of its worm, so it dissolves at a slower rate. The Salt Release System weighs the worm bait down and lasts up to 30 minutes before completely dissolving. As the salt dissolves, the worm floats to the waters surface. Ideal for drop shot presentations. Sizes: 4-1/2 (Per 10), 6 (Per 10), 7 (Per 8). Colors: (002)Desert Craw, (003)Warmouth, (004)Oxblood Light/Red Flake, (005)MMII, (006)Red Crawler,(008)AM RNB, (009)Morning Dawn, (010)Holographic Shad, (012)Green Neon Pumpkin, (016)Ehlers Edge, (017)Morning Dawn Chartreuse, (022)Martens Madness, (033)Bold Bluegill, (082)Chartreuse Magic, (083)Ayu, (088)Pumpkin Punisher, (109)B Craw, (111)Bait Ball, (153)Baby Bass, (333)B-Hite Delight. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Worms. - $4.59