Roboworm Fat Worm - $2.88

Equipped with classic lifelike action, the Fat Worms body lets you insert a darthead with little wear and tear, and its thickness delivers the weight needed for long-range casting. Roboworms Salt Release System has salt directly embedded into its head for a long-lasting taste that makes fish bite harder for longer. Per 8.Sizes: 4-1/2, 6. Colors: (001)Aarons Magic, (005)MM III, (006)Red Crawler, (007)Morning Dawn Red Flake, (008)Pumpkin Punisher, (011)Prizm Krawler, (012)Oxblood Light, (022)Martens Madness, (023)Aarons Morning Dawn, (026)Pro Blue, (063)Aarons Pro Shad, (066)Ehrlers Edge, (067)Warmouth, (073)Bold Bluegill, (083)Ayu, (823)Aarons Pro Magic. - $2.88