Robert King 2012 Calendars - $0.22

Known for his masterful blending of photography and computer technology, Robert King produces award-winning images of the largest trophies ever taken with unbelievable realism in striking wilderness settings. Now you can enjoy Kings innovative brand of artwork year-round in these stunning calendars. Each calendar features a Game Activity Index that shows you the best times to be in the field. Available: 2012 Kings Bull Elk Calendar The 400-point mark is just the beginning for these bulls. This calendar features some of the largest bull elk from around the world, brought to life with stunning realism by Robert King. 2012 Kings Bucks and Bulls Calendar Robert King re-creates some of the biggest trophy whitetail, mule deer and elk ever taken in this calendar. 2012 Kings Mule Deer Calendar Rare giant typical mule deer and astounding nontypicals abound in this collection from acclaimed artist and graphic designer Robert King. 2012 Kings Whitetail Calendar Only free-range whitetails here no counterfeit game farm trophies. Using computer technology, Robert King designed re-creations of some of the largest whitetail trophies ever taken and captured them in their natural setting. 2012 Kings Big Game Only the biggest game from the around the world made the cut huge moose, giant mountain goats, world-class sheep and many more. Robert King brings these awe-inspiring trophies back to life with unmatched realism in this calendar. - $0.22