River2Sea Dahlberg Whopper Plopper 190 - Red - $20.99

Serious musky enthusiasts know it takes a surface lure with a hollow, plopping sound to draw out the big strikes. The Whopper Ploppers tail is successfully designed to make that sure-fire, deep-throated sound and it refuses to go out of tune, no matter how much abuse it takes. Made out of super-durable plastic, its roll-resistant and variable-sound design works well at a variety of speeds. Equipped with a long-shank, ultrastrong, No. 5 hook. Per each. Size: 7-1/2. Weight: 2-3/4 oz. Colors: (001)Fire Tiger, (002)Bee Gee, (003)Boo, (004)Red Horse, (006)Lucy, (007)Rock Star. Color: Red. Type: Topwater Muskies. - $20.99