River2Sea Dahlberg Diver Frog - Green - $10.99

Give it a pull and it dives, releasing air bubbles as it submerges. Let up tension and the legs retract for a smooth return to the surface. In no time at all, you'll have this lifelike lure diving and surfacing, its legs kicking and retracting, surface floating, or kicking up dust as you swim it along the bottom. The top-placed diving collar, built-in weed guard and upwards-pointed hook offer hassle-free performance while working among weedy cover. Includes one pair of spare legs. Per each. Size: 2-1/2. Weight: 1 oz. Colors: (001)Green, (002)Brown, (003)Lime, (004)Black. Color: Green. Type: Frog Baits. - $10.99