River2Sea Bully Wa Frog - DIRTY WHITE (5/8 OZ) - $4.88

While these frogs are perfect for fishing over matted weeds, the keel-shaped design makes this frog walk over open water like no other. The smaller model has a 2/0 frog double hook while the larger model has a Gamakatsu EWG 4/0 double hook. Per each.Sizes:5/8 oz., 2-1/2"7/16 oz., 2-1/4" Colors: (001)Coot, (002)Yellow Head, (003)Mud Bird, (004)Copper Green, (005)Ghost, (006)Dirty White, (007)Lemon Lime, (008)Armed Forces. Type: Frog Baits. Size 5/8 Oz. Color Dirty White. - $4.88