River2Sea Biggie Poppa Bumpin' Crankbait - $8.49

This square-billed crankbait sports a highly detailed color scheme and unique vibration pattern that attracts a variety of fish. Endorsed and designed by professional angler Ish Monroe, its Bumping rattle is the key to its effectiveness. River2Seas ultrasharp hooks provide optimum fish-holding power. Per each. Sizes: 5/16 oz., 2-1/4, dives 2-4 ft. 9/16 oz., 2-5/8, dives 3-5 ft. Colors: (001)TS Minnow, (002)Da Heater, (005)Abalone Shad, (006)Cold Blooded, (007)Splattered, (008)Krackel. - $8.49