Ritchey WCS Riser Handlebar - $56.25

Get high. That's the message sent with the laid-back Ritchey WCS OS Rizer bar. It has a generous rise for aluminum bars and sweeps back a good bit. The triple-butted aluminum Ritchey employs is about as light as aluminum can go while still being strong. And even with such thin tubing walls, the bars are strong enough to work with bar ends -- if you wanted to. The Ritchey WCS Rizer Bar comes in a 31.8 diameter. It is 660mm wide, with a 9 degree sweep, a 6 degree bend, and 30mm rise. Ritchey recommends using only Ritchey or Syncros stems with this bar, as any others will void the warranty. The bar is made from seamless TRX50 triple-butted aluminum. It is bead-blasted and anodized for better fatigue strength. 240g. - $56.25