Ritchey WCS Flat Carbon Handlebar - $140.00

Ritchey has taken their WCS Flat Bar and done what any smart company doesdevelop a carbon fiber version. Please welcome the Ritchey WCS OS Carbon Flat Bar. Same shape. Same dimensions. This time in a strong, sexy carbon iteration.Shiny bits are pretty, and the carbon weave under the clear coat is like being able to see under the skin to view muscle. Better yet, the muscle has a purpose. Carbon can be tuned and this particular wrap has been tuned to provide torsional strength and vibration damping.The innovative shape of the 10 Degree WCS OS Carbon Flat Bar preserves the hand position of a 5 degree bar without effectively decreasing the stem length, so you can have a more comfortable hand position without changing your body position. The Ritchey WCS Carbon Flat bar comes in 31.8mm handlebar diameter only. It's available in a generous 660mm width. It has a 10-degree rearward sweep, and the center of the bar is textured for better grip by the handlebar clamp. Ritchey recommends using only Ritchey or Syncros stems with this bar, as any others will void the warranty. The ends are reinforced with thin alloy inserts for insurance when clamping shifters, brakes, and bar ends. The color is clear coat over carbon. - $140.00