Ritchey WCS Carbon Monocurve - $599.95

The words 'lightweight' and 'stiff' are just beaten into the ground in the bike industry. Everybody's everything is 'lighter' and stiffer' than everybody else's. That said, it's occasionally trueas in the case of the Ritchey WCS Monocurve Handlebar/Stem Combo. What used to be two parts is now one. You eliminate a junction of partsthe weight goes down and the stiffness increases. It just makes sense. The Ritchey Monocurve Handlebar is a revolutionary component. As Ritchey puts it, it's the ultimate carbon cockpit. Ritchey built the Monocurve with its most popular bar bend, so it appeals to more riders than any other design. The shallow 128mm drop with smooth curve transition is extremely versatile. The C260-style forged alloy steerer tube clamp lends the reliability and slip-resistance of aluminum to the design while it reduces the stress that's placed on the steerer tube.The stem angle is an aggressive 86 degrees. Three handlebar widths are available with reach measurements that are appropriate to each. Stem options vary as well, and are outfitted accordingly, as well. The total weight of the Monocurve is 353 grams (42cm x 120mm).The Ritchey Monocurve Handlebar/Stem Combo comes in black. It's available in the following dimensions: 40cm width: 90mm, 100mm, and 110mm. 42cm width: 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, and 130mm. 44cm: 110mm, 120mm, and 130mm. - $599.95