Ritchey WCS 1-Bolt Seatpost - Zero Setback - $45.00

Tom Ritchey has been influencing the bike industry since the days of clunkers. So, it's no surprise that his component designs are as eye catching as his bikes. The Ritchey WCS 1-Bolt Seatpost with Zero Setback has a sleek design and an easy-to-use clamp that matches your cockpit's color scheme on either your mountain or road bike. To construct the WCS seatpost, Ritchey utilized the cutting-edge 3D forging process. A basic explanation of the construction starts with a solid piece of TR741 aluminum. Held in a mold, multiple 'rams' are driven through the aluminum to form the desired shape of the post. This process eliminates the need for welds, and accordingly, it improves the grain structure of the aluminum. The result is a one-piece construction that is stiffer, lighter, and stronger than welded aluminum. The Zero Setback 1-Bolt Seatpost uses an interchangeable 5mm bolt SideBinder clamp that simplifies adjustments from the side and eliminates any chance of the bolt interfering with your saddle. With a 7 x 7mm saddle clamp, it sits wider on the rails than most, distributing weight evenly on all rail types. And most important for the aesthetics of your bike, the low-profile head gives the saddle/seatpost combination a sleeker look and better clearance. The Ritchey WCS 1-bolt Zero Setback Seatpost comes in the color black and is available in a 27.2mm diameter with a length of 350mm, and a 30.9 and 31.6mm diameter with a 400mm length. - $45.00