Risk Racing Mud Axe - $7.88

Well-ridden ATVs eventually get mud packed into every nook and cranny, which can vitally affect its performance if left. Removing the excess mud can be a daunting and dirty task, even with the use of a power washer. Luckily, Risk Racing has brought you the Mud Axe! The head is shaped to make swift work of fenders, hubs and wheels to reduce rotating mass. The pick on the other end is perfect for clearing foot pegs, brake pedals, engine bays, suspension linkages and many other tight spots that mud always seems to make its way into. The ergonomic, arched design of the body is perfect for scraping the inside of your fenders without having to get your bare hands involved. The overmolded rubber handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip. Constructed of heat-resistant, glass-reinforced plastic composite that makes it extremely durable and safe to use on hot engines and exhausts. Type: Mud Axe. - $7.88