Rinehart RhinoBlock XL Target - Black - $199.99

This target promises lasting durability with self-healing, weatherproof foam construction. It automatically seals arrow holes in seconds; stops field points, broadheads and expandables with ease; and offers hassle-free extraction with no layers or filler. This six-sided, self-healing foam block features 3-D deer vitals on two sides; one outlines the organs over the vital area and the second reveals an anatomically correct view of the organs inside the vital area. The surrounding four sides feature 40 high-visibility target zones; two with large targets for holding aim and two with small targets for perfecting arrow placement. Mounting holes for easy elevation. Replaceable insert. Rope handle. Dimensions: 18L x 18W x 13D. Weight: 17 lbs. Color: Black. Type: Foam-Block Targets. - $199.99