Rigid Industries SR-Series LED Light Bars (10 SR) - $360.99

Revolutionary Rigid Industries off-road LED lighting will change the way you see the trail. And the incredibly versatile mounting hardware works with virtually any vehicle perfect for any off-road excursion. Ultraefficient LEDs produce superior light while using a fraction of the power required to run traditional bulbs. Rugged housings are shock-, dust- and water-resistant. Made in USA. Kit includes: two sets of brackets, plug-and-play wiring harness, switch and mounting hardware. 6 Dimensions: 1.6H x 8.8W x 3D. 10 Dimensions: 1.6H x 12.8W x 3D. Available: 6 9 LEDs produce 3,060 lumens out to 312 yards. 10 15 LEDs produce 5,100 lumens out to 398 yards. Size: 10 SR. - $360.99